Hello Rosen,

    Lets say you are working against mysql...
    2000 records in table 1 and 500.000 records in table 2 is few
    information... and it's working 'cause you don't have 50000
    records in table 1 and 3.000.000 records in table 2.
    But, I personally advise you to listen what Peter is telling you.

R> If I perform "LOCK <fictive table>" should be MySQL waiting until another process
R> unlocks this table ( if another user is appending data ) and then to lock
R> table ?

   If you lock a table, then all process trying to access the table
   locked will have to wait until the table is released.
   But you'll have to deal with times of expiration.
R> Yes, it will be better, but this way it's impossible, because this is a
R> existing database with more than 2000 records in table 1 and 500 000 records
R> in table 2 - and I should change logic of all software for this.

R> I have an idea to try something - whould be working ? :
R> I want to create some fictive table with one record and before start
R> appending data in table 1 and table 2 to lock this fictive table.

R> Thanks in advance,
R> Rosen

Best regards,

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