Hello Aaron,

    why are you using , instead of . ?

      $query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email='",$_POST['username'],"'";
      is this a typo?...
      this sould be:
      $query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email='".$_POST['username']."'";
      or $query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email='{$_POST['username']}'";

      mhhh.. do you whant to know wy echo works and $query= not?
      read the manual... (string functions, echo) and (Language
      reference, String Operators)

      in echo case, you are giving more than 1 argument:
      echo "blahblablah",$variable,"blahblahblah";
      in $xx="blahblahblah",$variable,"blahblahblah" you are getting a
      parse error.

AT> That makes great sence, however when I tried using $_POST in my SQL
AT> statement it would not work.

AT> This works fine:
AT> $query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email='".$username."'";
AT> But this one doesnt at all:
AT> $query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email='",$_POST['username'],"'";

AT> It does however work for  all the echo commands and It is also correct when
AT> I echo the statement:
AT> echo "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email='",$_POST['username'],"'";

AT> Am I missing something?

AT> Thanks again,

AT> Aaron

Best regards,

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