I have a mySQL DB running on an NT server.

I just re-installed it (long story) and everything seems to be fine, except
DB access.

    // Connectivity data
    $db_engine = 'mysql';
    $db_host   = 'db.myserver.net';
    $db_user   = 'test';
    $db_pass   = 'test';
    $db_name  = 'test';

   // Data Source Name: This is the universal connection string
   $dsn = "$db_engine://$db_user:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/$db_name";

   // DB::connect will return a PEAR DB object on success
   // or an PEAR DB Error object on error
   $objDB = DB::connect($dsn);

I get this...

    DB Error: connect failed

Now, if I change $db_host to the machine IP, it works fine.

Anyone have any ideas what I did work, or what I can set to make the machine
name work again?



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