"Jason Wong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Saturday 24 July 2004 10:25, \[php\]Walter wrote:
> Does:
>   ping hostname.as.listed.in.hosts.file
> correctly resolves to the IP address as listed in the HOSTS file?


> If it does then you probably haven't setup the permissions correctly in
> You need to use the GRANT command to allow connections from
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] See MySQL docs for info.

That's what I thought. so I tried this test using PHP functions...

   mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass)

I get this...

    Warning: mysql_connect(): Unknown MySQL Server Host 'db.torres.ws'

So, at least now I know it is a connection issue, not a id/password issue.

> If your IP address is not going to change over time then for practical
> purposes there will be no difference whether you connect using IP address
> or hostname.

Sometimes things are not done for "practical purposes."



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