On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 02:36, Redhat wrote:

> I am getting a weird error on one of my servers that says something
> about "query requires full tablescan".  I was not getting this error
> until today that I noticed.  I Googled for a minute and saw where a ton
> of other sites had the same problem but no "reason" why.  I did find one
> board that said to turn off "mysql.trace_mode" in the php.ini file.  I
> did this and it fixed the problem.  Is there something different that I
> should be doing when I write code?  Have I just "band aided" the problem
> or solved the problem?
> thanks,
> Doug

You are possibly using a query without indexes. Try running EXPLAIN on your
query, and have a look at this page from the mysql site which tells more
about table scans.


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