In the database "beans" i have a table "bags_o_beans" where each row
represents a single bag, and columns named "bean_type" and "number_o_beans"

My teenage son is having several thousand hungry friends over in half an
hour, and I'm stuck making the bean dip...  I'm going to need 1 million
beans of a single type to make the dip.

My goal, before I start cooking, is to filter from the following query:

SELECT bean_type, sum(number_o_beans) FROM bags_o_beans GROUP BY bean_type

...into an html table such that only 'bean types' with
'sum(number_of_beans)' greater than 1 million are displayed.  I have tried
inserting the following snippet into the table-generating php code, with no

while ($row = @ mysql_fetch_row($result))
foreach($row as $data)
if ({sum(number_o_beans)} > (1000000))
print "\n\t<td> {$data} </td>";
print "\n</tr>";

Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts and recipes :)

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