I'm going to revise this, because I just got the confirmation email. People should not click on the link.

The link that it wants me to click on is <http://www.tgpwizards.com/spamcease2/verify.php?id=3800307>http://www.tgpwizards.com/spamcease2/verify.php?id=[xxxxxxx]

A quick check of the domain - http://www.tgpwizards.com - leads me to believe something else is happening that ain't so legit.

This should be forwarded to the list admin...


At 02:39 PM 8/5/2004, Ben Riddell wrote:
Spamcease is whitelist software for controlling Spam. It maintains a list of people from whom the recipient wishes to receive email. If you're not on the list, your email won't get through.

It's called a "challenge/response" system.

For each email sent to someone running spamcease, the server automatically issues a "challenge" email back to the sender to prove that s/he is a person and not a spambot. The original sender clicks on the link in "response" (something a spambot can't do), and your email address is added to the list of people whose email gets through.

They are a pain in the tuchus for listservs and the like, unless the person running the program sets the parameters correctly to allow email addressed to the list to get through, otherwise, each person on the list has to go through the challenge and response procedure.



At 02:13 PM 8/5/2004, Mark wrote:
It is bogus. If you notice, your emails still go to the list. Someone
did this to php-general a bit ago. You can ignore it. There was
speculation that it was an email harvester, checking to verify that
return addresses are valid.

--- Colin Kettenacker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I got this for the PHP-General list. I think it's bogus but it
> would be nice
> to get a confirmation from the list admin.
> ck
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> Pablo M. Rivas [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 8/4/04 9:57 AM wrote:
> > Hello Josh,
> >
> > JAM> What is this?
> >
> > JAM> I received this E-Mail, and the link goes to something other
> than PHP.net
> >
> > JAM> [EMAIL PROTECTED] is currently protecting themselves from
> receiving
> > junk
> > JAM> mail using Spamcease Just this once, click the link below so
> I can
> > receive
> > JAM> your emails.
> > JAM> You won't have to do this again.
> >
> >
> > CLICK THE LINK SO HE CAN RECEIVE YOUR MAIL, and you won't have to
> > do this again ;)

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------------------------------- -------- Ben Riddell ---------- --- Freelance Web Developer --- - ben at thewhitebear dot com - ---- www.thewhitebear.com ----- -------- 510/332.2979 --------- -------------------------------

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