This is a bit off topic however it may be something people here have or
will have the unpleasant opportunity to deal with. The company I work
for has been having a problem tracking our customers warranty
information and have used paper for items sent in for repair. I on my
own time had created a web based application in php that would make both
issues paperless, and in my own opinion getter overall. Once complete I
informed my supervisor of the application and asked if It could be shown
to the vice president for review, with the condition that this is my
application and I own all source and design of the application. My
supervisor said he would need our IT department to look it over before
it went to the VP. At the request of the IT department head I downloaded
the files and sql dump of the database to the company's server. The next
day I wad in the IT office talking with the director of IT and a 3rd
party company about the functions and design of the application. Because
they are all Microsoft weenies and cant admin a server unless they can
point and click their way to a fix they said php would not be an
acceptable language and mysql is not a proper database to run an
application on. I informed them I could rewrite this in and
place it on a mssql database. The IT director said they will be having
the 3rd party company just take what I have made, convert it to asp and
build off of it. 
I approached my supervisor about compensation for the work that was done
since they are using my design. I was told "you gave it to IT, there is
nothing I can do about it" I explained that this was given on the
condition that it would be shown to the VP and in hopes that I would
either gain a transfer to IT, be awarded a contract to provide the
solution and maintenance, or maintain my current position with a slight
raise and I will maintain and built onto the application. 
I went up the chain to my supervisors boss and explained to them what
had happened and that since they are using my design and altering it to
another language that I would like to be compensated for my work. I was
told that I did nothing but give them an idea and they were really doing
all the work since what I did was not good enough and their computers
could not understand what I wrote.
The IT dept refuses to run anything besides Win Servers using IIS. They
will not install PHP ( too many hacker problems they say).
Did I just screw myself? Do I have any protection of my design? Can I do

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