I often had trouble getting the syntaxt just right with PHP, it's easy to end up with the wrong number of slashes around the -lines terminated by "'"- parts of this.

When you ran your query, what did mysql_error() say about it ?
That would be a line you add directly after the line mysql_query($link,$query)

Usually this will tell you immediately if you have an error in your SQL, and echoing the $query string you passed to MySQL is a good idea too, it can be more obvious to diagnose when it's printed on screen.

Cheers - Neil

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I'm new to this list. I diden't found anything in the archive and by
googleing to solve my problem.

We have updated our server to PHP 4.3.8 and MySQL 4.0.2. Some of our
clients run a shop software that need 'LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE' to store
its data to MySQL. MySQL itself supports the command. I can run it from
mysql-client. That works. I have read about the fix on php.net
(http://www.php.net/ChangeLog-4.php / http://bugs.php.net/28632).
Until now, i couldn't find a solution to get it work.

Is there way to get it work?


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