> I'm having a dilemma (Now that I have power back after the hurricane hit us
> directly in Orlando).  Anyway, I need to export a database table to Excel, I
> can do it as a .txt file without a problem, but I can't seem to get it to
> put each column into a separate cell when I try to export as an .xls form, I
> think I have this line formed incorrectly for an XLS file, can anyone see if
> I need to use any special characters rather than a comma?
> fwrite($filesession,"$id,$new,$recno,$category,$product,$description,$unit,$
> certificate,$instock,$orderpt,$ordernow,$vendor,$unitcost,$unitsell\015\012"
> );

either output the data as a csv which you are doing (on windoze name
the file with a .csv extension) or take a look at

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