I have a bunch of thumbnails that are pulled from a recordset based on a
user profile.
Each thumbnail opens the picture into another page so that the picture is
larger and I want to now have that user's pictures accessible by clicking a
previous and/or next arrow.

The first recordset of thumbnails is retrieved by a URL link
($HTTP_GET_VARS['id']) which is the user's ID number.
Click on one of the thumbnails a new page is open that display the larger
photo, but only that photo. I can of course pass along the user's ID as well


which of course will allow me to create a new recordset based on the user's

FROM penpals_photos
WHERE penpals_photos.filename = $photoID

but how do I point the database first record at the photoID so that I can
use the next and previous options to see the next/previous picture?

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