On Thursday 19 August 2004 09:23, Vern wrote:

> Basically what I'm trying to say is this. The following is my url:
> mypage.php?photoID=uploads/1052367746.jpg&userID=215
>      photoID =  uploads/1052367746.jpg
>      userID   =  215
> I want to point to a record in a recordset.
> That records id is  "uploads/1052367746.jpg"
> However, I want to return all records for the userID "215".
> How do I point my recordset at that file in the recordset so that the user
> can go to the next and previous records in that recordset based on the
> user's id?

Assuming you have already created your 'recordset':

  loop through recordset looking for 'photoID'
  when found, use mysql_data_seek() to grab the previous and next records

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