1) 5$ :)
2) It`s not for php.db list
3) May be:

class field_commander
    var $value;
    var $name;
    var ...

    function field_commander($label, $width, $name, ...)
        if (isset($_POST[$this->])) {
        } else {


    function echo_input() {

    function echo_entered_result() {



"Hafidz Abdullah" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ???????/???????? ? ????????
?????????: news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi everyone.

I'm new to PHP. And so I'm so keen on finding people who are willing to
share their knowledge with me.

I've generated forms containing text boxes, check boxes, text areas, drop
boxes, radio buttons & hidden fields as an HTML table with two columns, the
first for the desciption, the second, the field. I also have a final row for
the Submit button.

I also have a function which takes an array of my field_commander objects as

$fca = array(new field_commander("Yes, we would like to have our logo
      new field_commander("Exhibiting Company
      new field_commander("Please list our company under the
      new field_commander("",40,"R",$a,$fld_count++));

Now for the part which I have no idea as to how it can be done. When the
form is submitted, it should be processed to show a table that presents the
data as text instead of input controls. The table should be in a string -
which is then printed, i.e. do not print the parts directly.

I would very much appreciate it if you can show me some examples & furnish
me with the explanations.

Thanks & regards,

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