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I am accessing a database on my site from another site - I am
not the only developer on the other site and there is the potential
for someone to access the database for nefarious purposes from
the other site. Can I somehow protect the password and still have it work?

What database? I assume you mean your PHP script is logging into a remote database and you're concerned about the password being in the script? Not much you can do about it, really. You can log in over SSL (depending upon your database), which will protect the password in transit, but it's still sitting in the file. If you can't trust users on the server that you're on, find a better server. :)

Or I had thought of this but I didn't know if it wuld or should work -
include all my database routines in an include file and do something
like include once ""; would that even work?

It will work, but not like you're thinking. You'll get the _result_ of the PHP file and not the actual code.

---John Holmes...

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