I'm just getting started with PHP and MySQL (how do you say
that, my ess kew wll, my sequel, ???).

I have a background with C programming and many years ago,
I played with dBASE.

I want to set up a directory with the following fields:

email (contents is either an email address or a minus sign)

I'd like to present a webpage to give the view these

1) viewing the entire directory sorted by surname
2) viewing the entire directory sorted by street and then
by housenumber, i.e., by address
3) viewing all of the entire records of all who meet a
simple criterion: piece of an email address (eg, "comcast"
would list everyone that had comcast in the eail field),
piece of and of the names or streets, etc.

I have "PHP and MySQL for Dummies". The only thing I
haven't seen that (I think) I need for the above is how to
sort on two fields.

Can anyone help me get started? It seems like a pretty easy
things to do. Perhaps if someone has already done this,
they might share their stuff with me. I'm much better at
hacking away at other people's stuff than developing my own
from scratch! :-)

Many thanks,
Pete Holsberg
Columbus, NJ

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