Hi Peter, please see my comments below:

"Pete Holsberg" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm just getting started with PHP and MySQL (how do you say
> that, my ess kew wll, my sequel, ???).

"my ess kew wll" is the correct pronounciation - after all you know how to
spell SQL, don't you? ;)

> I have a background with C programming and many years ago,
> I played with dBASE.
> I want to set up a directory with the following fields:
> surname
> firstname
> spousename
> housenumber
> street
> phone
> email (contents is either an email address or a minus sign)

IMHO a great way to get started with MySQL is installing/using phpMyAdmin.
It's a web frontend administartion interface. It makes creating/editing
tables and records quite easy and will also show the SQL commands - so you
can learn from them. You can get it here:


Put it into a *protected* directory on your server. You only have to put
your MySQL access values into the config file and off you go.

> I'd like to present a webpage to give the view these
> choices:
> 1) viewing the entire directory sorted by surname
> 2) viewing the entire directory sorted by street and then
> by housenumber, i.e., by address
> 3) viewing all of the entire records of all who meet a
> simple criterion: piece of an email address (eg, "comcast"
> would list everyone that had comcast in the eail field),
> piece of and of the names or streets, etc.

Read yourself through the manual of the mysql functions:

> I have "PHP and MySQL for Dummies". The only thing I
> haven't seen that (I think) I need for the above is how to
> sort on two fields.

This is easily done by seperating the columns by comma:

SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY surname, firstname

This will first sort by surname and within equal surnames by firstname.

> Can anyone help me get started? It seems like a pretty easy
> things to do. Perhaps if someone has already done this,
> they might share their stuff with me. I'm much better at
> hacking away at other people's stuff than developing my own
> from scratch! :-)

Best regards, Torsten Roehr

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