Gerard Samuel wrote:

Looking for clarification...
Say that I have a user table and group table ->

-- user table --
id  username
1   foo

-- group table --
id  user_id  group_name
1   1        group_1
2   1        group_2

Would this be the proper way to construct a select statement for this -> select u.username, g.group_name from user u, group g where = g.user_id and = 1;

The results should look like this ->
username  group_name
foo       group 1
foo       group 2

What I would like to clarify, is if this is the proper (only) way to construct a one to many select statement?

I've always thought I was doing something illegal, since username is displayed more than once, and I would like to shake that thought
off my back.

Other than using "" and "" instead of "" (just typos, I'm sure), there's nothing really wrong with that query. You can do that join this way, though, which may be more "proper":

SELECT u.username, g.group_name FROM user u JOIN group g ON = WHERE = 1

oh, and <?php echo "PHP stuff"; ?>


---John Holmes...

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