On 22 September 2004 18:45, Stuart Felenstein wrote:

> Just to confirm,
> This is what I'm going to start with:

Yeah, I'd say you've pretty much got it, except...
> //base sql statement
> $sql = "select * from jobs where record_deleted = 'NO' ";
> if (isset($_POST['states'])){

Your SQL is going to need some sort of conjunction here, as your WHERE phrase already 
has an initial condition in it.  I'm guessing you'll want an AND, so:

    $sql .= 'AND ';

> //check to see if the states is an array
> // multiple items or just one
> if (is_array($_POST['state']))

You've switched from $_POST['states'] to $_POST['state'] -- fix whichever is wrong ;)

> $sql .= "state='".implode("' OR state='",
> $_POST['state'])."'";

Given the conditions you want your WHERE phrase to test, you're going to need more 
parentheses to force the ORs to be evaluated before the ANDs; this is where the IN 
syntax, IMO, is more readable.  So you want either:

    $sql .= "(state='".implode("' OR state='",$_POST['state'])."')";


    $sql .= "state IN ('".implode("','",$_POST['state'])."')";

>  }else{
> //$_POST['state'] is not an array
>  $sql .= "state = '".$_POST['state']."' ";
> }//end if
>  if (isset($_POST['job'])){
>    if (isset($_POST['state'])){  $sql .= " AND "; }

And throughout this second block you've used a cut'n'paste of the first block without 
altering ['state'] to ['job'] -- just the sort of oversight that can give you the 
raving heebie-jeebies somewhere down the line if you fail to fix it! ;)

> //add in the AND if the state is set
> //check to see if the states is an array
> //multiple items or just one
>     if (is_array($_POST['state']))
>        $sql .= "state='".implode("' OR state='",
> $_POST['state'])."'";
>     $sql .= ")";
>   }else{
> $_POST['job'] is not an array
>      $sql .= "job = '".$_POST['job']."' ";
>  }
> //end if

Given the moderate complexity of this code, I'd strongly recommend echo-ing out $sql 
immediately before it's used whilst you're in testing mode.  When your query fails, 
you'll already be one step ahead in working out what the problem is.



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