How about mysql client (which will include all the necessary libraries)? having php-mysql install, doesn't mean you will be able to connect if you don't have the libraries.
Since I assume that you are using some form of redhat linux dist, how about the following packages (if I remember them correctly):
1. mysql-4.x
2. mysql-devel
3. mysqlclient

Laurence Lim wrote:

Hi Shahmat,

The platform im using is EL3, I have asked the engineer to install the
packages (rpms),


Is these enough? Thanks for reply!

"Shahmat Dahlan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ???
news:[EMAIL PROTECTED] ???...

I think the mysql extension was not loaded, that's why you got the
message, and it was not able to recognize the function mysql_connect.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect()

how did you install your copy of php? compile it from source?

Laurence Lim wrote:

Hi all, im new to

Im developing a program to retrieve data from a remote DB server running
MySQL. The code written as

if (!($dbLink = mysql_connect("", $dbUser, $dbPass))) {
print ("mysql_connect failed!");

But, it doesn't work... and return me the error msg,

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in
/var/www/philately/hkpo-eng/request_information/test.php on line 6

I have granted permission for access, no firewall blocking... Anyone know
why it happens? Thanks for reply!

Regards, Laurence

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