Stuart Felenstein wrote:

I have one of those widget calendars.
Mysql keeps throwing back the date regardless of the way I format it. I'm passing session variables over to the database and
have tried quotes ' around the date as well.

Now I went ahead and changed this line:

$_SESSION['f3k'] = $_POST['DateAvailable'];


$_SESSION['f3k'] = date('Y-m-d',
mktime(0,0,0,substr(3,5,$_POST['newdate']), substr(0,2,$_POST['newdate']),

I now tried to pass 'newdate' into the database and
still rejected.

Are you sure it's the date that's causing the rejection? What does mysql_error() say?

Dates (in MySQL) can be formatted in two ways: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS or YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. The second example is a string while the first is an integer. If you really have just a DATE (instead of DATETIME/TIMESTAMP) column, then it'd be YYYYMMDD and YYYY-MM-DD (although any delimiter should work).

$newdate = '20041231';
$query = "UPDATE table SET datecolumn = $newdate WHERE ... ";

$newdate = '2004-12-31';
$query = "UPDATE table SET datecolumn = '$newdate' WHERE ... ";


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