Stuart Felenstein wrote:
If you see the code I have the begin , then the $query
follows. With both statements present, only the
second one does the insert. If I // or remove the
second, the first one takes.

Am I missing something here ?

Yep... you're missing a mysql_query() call for each query. You're only running one query and echoing the other...

$query = "INSERT INTO Profiles (ProfileID, UserID,
Edu, WorkAuth, WorkExp, CarLev, Secu, Confi, Relo,
Telecomu, City1, State1, City2, State2, TravelPref,
SalaryAnnual, SalaryHourly, Available)
VALUES (null, null, '$f1a', $f2a, $f2c, $f2d, $f2e,
$f2g, '$f5b', '$f3m',
'$f3n', '$f3e', $f3f, '$f3g', $f3h, $f3i, $f3j, $f3k,

echo $query;

$result = mysql_query($query);

$query = "INSERT INTO LurkProfiles_AddContacts
(AddContID, ProfileID, P1,
P2, Pgr, Eml2, Eml3)
VALUES (null, LAST_INSERT_ID(), '$f1b', '$f1c',
'$f1d', '$f1e', '$f1g')";

echo $query;

$result = mysql_query($query);


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