$c is a field in an array I have loaded in from a text file. For some reason, none of 
the conditionals branch off and I end up printing out error messages for every row in 
the text file. My brackets are balanced, I just didn't include the bottom part:
If ($c==9)
     $reject=validate($fieldarray[0],$c,$connectionSDWIS, $fieldarray[$c],$c);
This If statement runs even if $reject = "YES". Can't figure out why:
     if ($reject=="NO")
       //loop through the rows in the this text file checking for Original ID of Repeat
       $handle2 = fopen ($uploadfileandpath,"r");
       while ($field2array = fgetcsv ($handle2, $userfile_size, ",")) 
             echo "<br>Field 2 of array 2 text row: ".$field2array[2]."<br>";
             echo "<br>Field 9 of array 1 text row: ".$fieldarray[$c]."<br>";
             $acceptOrReject = "R";              
             $displayrows.="<font color=red><b>See below: Original Sample ID for 
Repeat does not exist : ".$fieldarray[$c]."</b></font><br>";
          } //end of while loop
      }//end of If($reject =="No")

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