That all really depends on you.  I would certainly say that, in general,
any given database should only have one users table (with a separate
table holding roles, permissions, etc.)  In all likelihood - if all of
these systems will be working together within a single company, and be
built in a common way - you'll likely find it easier to have them all in
one system.

The counter to that, of course, is that information like payroll
certainly shouldn't be easily accessed - so that might be one case where
you might want a separate database.  You'll really just have to weigh
the benefits of having the data together (generally convenience, though
there are reasons along the lines of joins and such) with the costs of
any lost security or lax in responsibility.

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Subject: [PHP-DB] how many databases should I create

I am developing a variety of different web based systems including
inventory, payroll, incident reports etc.  Should I create a new
database for each project category or one huge database with every table
I will ever use in it?


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