You AND's limit the query - what you have there would only accept:
 a equal to b,
 AND at least one of b,c, or d must equal to $var1
 AND with b not equal to 99,

So a=1 and b=1 and $var1 = 1 would work, but a=1 and b,c,d=1 and $var1 =
2 wouldn't.

If you want the 'or none' factor, just drop the entire $var1 line - that
will give you a=b and b!=99.

If you're trying to get it to be an exclusive match, e.g. if b=$var1
then c and d can't - you need to spell it out with XOR (exclusive-or's)
'A XOR B' is true if A evaluates to true or B evaluates to true - but
not both.
(but for a search, I doubt you want it XOR'd - no?)
 You might want to be using LIKE instead of = if there should be
substrings. (assuming mysql, though it
should be fairly vanilla SQL anyway)

- Martin Norland, Database / Web Developer, International Outreach x3257
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I'm working on a simple search for my file, and I have a question on
structuring my query. This is what I want to do:

select * from table where
AND (b=$var1 or c=$var1 or d=$var1) 
AND b <> 99

In the above, you could have:
- either b or c or d or none would = $var1
- more than one of b or c or d would = $var1

Could anyone suggest a syntax  for my select statement?

Thank you!


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