Hi Gerard,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm writing a db abstraction layer driver for MySQLi. I'm glad to finally get a chance to play around with these new functions, but am completely stumped by this question:

Is there no way to get back a standard resultset when using prepared statement queries?
I don't see the solution, but I hope I'm just missing something because I've been staring at it too long.

No you're not missing anything... I ran into the same thing... http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=php-db&m=109625996830773&w=2 So I ended up simulating "prepared" statements via php itself. The way the mysqli extension is currently setup, is that you can either use the normal functions by themselves, or you use the statement functions by themselves. They cannot be used together, which I think.... Never mind, I'll keep my thoughts to myself...

Ooops, I guess I should have searched the list itself; I did some google searches to no avail. This is really unfortunate. This API sucks! I was looking forward to being able to use native prepared statements rather than emulating, but I guess that's really not feasible for this project. Argh.

Thanks again for response.


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