yes, its possible. use to create the pdfs for you (gets around the word COM interface) and allows for database storage of template letters as text, simpler to maintain and change.

FPDF will have some examples that will make this easy for you.

Another option is to use straight html and php to create the letters, though multiple page letters become more problematical in terms of print control(headers and footers), which is weak in some browsers.


Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP on an Windows intranet with MSOffice-like templates
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 16:33:52 -0600

I don't even know if this is possible, or if I'll have to go the route of .NET
development to get this sort of functionality (I'm sure it's possible if I jump
through enough hoops).

But here's what I'm trying to accomplish...
- users are all on a local intranet with access to a shared drive (no prob)
- users navigate a PHP-MySQL application to select records from a database (no
- users are able to click a link which will launch some sort of document (they
have Office, but if something like PDF is available on a Windows platform,
great) where a document template is fetched and updated with information from
the selected record. (This is the part I don't understand how to do).

An example... user wants to be able to print one of a variety of letters to
physically mail to a customer, customized with the customer's account info.
(You know: Dear [first name] [last name], ... Your account [account_id] ... is
30 days past due... etc )

This way, management can update the template and not have me re-work the code to
have it work...

Is such a thing possible on a windows PHP platform? Can someone point me to
somewhere I can learn more about it?

Thanks much,

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