Hello PHP Community,

MySQLDiff is a PHP5 command-line utility that prints SQL statements to
sync two MySQL databases or tables.

This program works just like the original MySQLDiff
(http://www.mysqldiff.org/), but is much faster and is useful for
quickly comparing two databases.

The source code may be obtained from a public Subversion repository, and
tested as shown:

$ svn co http://www.svnhosting.org:8000/svn/mysqldiff/trunk mysqldiff
$ cd mysqldiff
$ sudo make install
.. installs to /usr/local/bin/mysqldiff
$ mysqldiff db1 db2
$ mysqldiff --paranoid db1.tbl db2.tbl

MySQLdiff is still alpha and requires heavy testing and
improvements. All required PEAR packages are packaged with MySQLDiff. Copyrights may have been violated with regards to PEAR::Text_Diff. If so, I'm prepared to take necessary action.

Please contact me (off-list) if you're interested in becoming a developer. Please send patches against the HEAD revision by executing `svn up && svn diff'

Bug reports, feature suggestions and help requests welcome.

Rajesh Kumar
MySQLDiff Maintainer

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