Hi All,

I'm looking at data abstraction libraries, and various object wrappers for SQL interfaces. Question -- how does the PEAR DB abstraction handle JOINS, especially on updates. I've seen several abstractions that basically encapsulate one table, but what about the situation with multiple tables of related data?

I'm trying to build some higher level object-oriented classes, that mask the database specifics. I have several tables that are related, for example, a player table, and a game table, and a player-game-detail table, where the player table records the unchanging aspects of a player, the game table has the game info, and the player-game-detail records that player's stats for that specific game. To get at all of this data, I use joins.

Is there a good object design that or class available that could handle this situation, or am I on my own here?

Any suggestions, or is there a PEAR-based module or library that can deal with this situation?

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