* quoting with ' is when you just literally want that string
        You can't call functions or print variables values within it.
e.g.                    print 'hello_world() $name';
        prints just that.
        * if you want to quote with ' - you'll have to mix it up.
e.g.                    print hello_world() . ' ' . $name;
        * the {}'s we saw earlier is a way of explicitly telling php to
analyze the whole thing, not just the first bit.
e.g.                    print "$_POST['PO_YEAR']";
        equates to
                        print $_POST . "['PO_YEAR']";
        and is properly written
                        print "{$_POST['PO_YEAR']}";

My apologies to both the list for a non-db related post, and to anyone
whos client munges this up something fierce.  Outlook will likely strip
the extra line feeds - click the little yellow box at the top for

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