Hi there,

First post to this mailing list, and I have a very strange problem:

I'm using Apache2 with PHP 4.3.9 and MySQL 4.0.21.  Sometimes when I
execute an INSERT-query using mysql_query, the data is inserted twice.
I'm 150% sure the code is only executed once!  I tried this by adding
'echo "test";'  right before and right after my mysql_query command.

The double insert happens only when surfing with Mozilla and Firefox.  In
Internet Explorer 6  the data is inserted only once (as should be).

I found some clues pointing in the direction of sessions, but after
commenting  out all other sections of the site and so eliminating all
other code, the problem was still there...

Has anyone any idea in what direction I have to look for a cause or
solution ?

Thanks in advance!

from Antwerp - Belgium

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