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> Here is what I tried:
> $to = "$rsVendorJobs->Fields('Conmail')";
> $subject = $rsVendorJobs->Fields('RefEm');
> $body = '$cl';
> $headers = "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]";
> echo "Mail sent to $to";
> }

1) change
$to = "$rsVendorJobs->Fields('Conmail')";
$to = "{$rsVendorJobs->Fields('Conmail')}";
        Or just
$to = $rsVendorJobs->Fields('Conmail');

2) change 
$body = '$cl';
$body = $cl;

3) from mail() docs
[this is just for reference, since you're only sending one header it's
probably not a problem]
"Note:  You must use \r\n to separate headers, although some Unix mail
transfer agents may work with just a single newline (\n)."

Then we'll see where you are from there...

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