Stuart Felenstein wrote:
--- "Norland, Martin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

All I can recommend from here is heavy use of
printr() or var_dump() on
your variables.

They are NULL. That is the problem. I can't for the life of me , figure out a way to initialize these variables.

be more specific - its not at all clear which variables are null? is your 'recordset' ($rsVendorJobs) actually an object?

if not you have to go into the $XXXX->SelectLimit($query_rsVendorJobs) call to find out what is going wrong.

Is this the first time you are attempting to use the DB abstraction
objects/classes that your code snippets hint at? if so,
specify exactly what it is, it may help.

also have you checked your error logs?

Obviously, also, you'll want to print out the query
you're using to make
sure it's actually correct sql/being populated/etc. Perhaps even run a
var_dump($XXXX->SelectLimit($query_rsVendorJobs)) to
see just what
result you're getting back, although from your code
it should exactly
match a dump of $rsVendorJobs.

Yeah , the sql is cool Everything returns as expected.


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