--- Jason Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Also just to be certain that you *are* running those
> lines of code change the 
> echo $to, to echo "Before $to" & echo "After $to" or
> something.
Well now I feel like a damn jackass.  I just
discovered something that doesnt fix the issue, yet
reveals the probably cause of the issue.
I have this mail block tied into the script as an
after trigger, meaning if the insert transaction is
succesful, then we can proceed with email.  The
transactions have been succesful, but apparently there
is something funky with the trigger. 
When I removed the trigger function - 
to = $rsVendorJobs->Fields('Conmail'); sent me an
email and returned the correct value.  

So I'll now be debugging the trigger function to find
out what is up. The road is never straight.


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