I am running MySQL 3.23.49 under Windows NT (XP Home). I also run PHP 4.3.9 on 
the same server, and use phpMyAdmin 2.6.0-pl2 for admin to my databases. I 
cannot upgrade to MySQL 4.x becuase apparently the MySQL API included with my 
PHP distro is not up to date enough to work with the revised security system in 
MySQL 4. I can't find a newer or better binary distro of PHP4 with a more 
suitable API, nor do i have the time, facilities or knowledge to bake my own 
from the source.

Any suggestions, as I really need some of the facilities in MySQL 4.1.x?

P.S. for Matrin Nowland - thanks for the help on the 'ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE' 
thing, I didn't realise it was a new thing in MySQL 4.1.0! <goes away to kick 
himself ;-)>

Mark Benson


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