>sorry but this has nothing to do with:

>1. DBs
>2. PHP
>3. LAMP

ok  out right your mostly correct, but what I really want to do is display 
fixed content for dynamic searches for a web site on a lamp server,(fc2) their 
php is a little out dated, but their in the move to 5 so its ok, I would like 
it to be more classic of a site with navi on the left, a banner bar at the top, 
and content in the center, all the content must come out of a mysql DB, I want 
the base level code, (I.e. the template) to stay the same, just let the content 
to change, it would be great if I could set this up so I could host multiple 
sites off this one framework/template with DB prefixes for different sites most 
if not all will be an Ecomm solution, so in the end, Yes it does have something 
to do with 



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