Dear group, 
 I am trying to query my db and print the results. 

when i execute my script, i am not getting any result
except a blank page. can any one please help me what
is going wrong with my script. 


$conn = pg_connect("user = $user dbname = $dbname host
= $host password = $pass");
if (!$conn)
        echo('could not establish connection with
database <br>');
$sql = "select * from experiment;"
$sth = pg_exec($connect,$sql)
if (! $sth){
die("Can't execute query".pg_errormessage());

for($i = 0,$j = pg_numrows($sth);$i < $j;$i++){
$ar = pg_fetch_row($sth,$i);
foreach($ar as $col){
print "$col ";
print "\n";


thank you in advance


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