Stuart Felenstein wrote:
Having a problem here with updating multiple records
in a table.

as Martin Norland (a heavy hitter on this list AFAIKT) already stated you don't seem to be at the stage of actually doing an update, no big deal - only you are doing yourself an injustice by given a misleading subject. stick to the matter at hand (one step at a time!) - by all means explain the context of the problem (e.g. your goal of multiple updates) but don't confuse the problem with the context!


I'm sure this is all most likely confusing. :) Typical

I took one look and thought 'no thanks', if _you_ think _your_ post is confusing how is anybody else supposed to make head or tail of it.

post from me ...sorry. None of this is working

don't be sorry, be pro-active and rewrite it until its idiot proof. its in your own best interest - the clearer you state your problem the greater the chance someone will/can help you.

ok, so that was a bit of a rant, the idea being to educate people in the value of taking the time (and it often takes lots of time!) to formulate
their problems (and what they have tried so far) properly - its in everyones interest because it increase the potential of everyone on the list to:

a, get involved
b, learn something new

we want you to succeed, if only for the selfish reason that one day you'll have the capability to help out others. besides the more good PHP hackers there are the better it is for all of us - in terms of the perceived validity of PHP (especially at the enterprise level).

Perhaps updating multiple records is more difficult
then I first imagined.

alas we all have stories of spending countless hours trying to figure out whats seems to be very simple problems!

Can anyone lend some advice , assistance ?

not directly, but you may want to look into making your code more readable/flexible by not constantly switching in and out of PHP mode (i.e. using <?php ?> everytime you want to output something.)

Thank you, Stuart

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