>women/girls deserve a little more leaway when entering this little 
>world. if only because men have been jacking them around for the last 
>5000 years - which has only brought us war & religion ;-)

ROTFL!! Too funny. :) 

I got the issue somewhat resolved. I was being a slacker and wanted to
administer MySQL with phpmyadmin, and I thought it would be an easy fix, but
I opted for the command line eventually. While phpmyadmin still doesn't work
despite mysql.so existing on my system (Mysql.so was Outlook insisting on
proper capitalization), I got everything else working, in this particular
case MySQL, via the command line. 

And I posted here, assuming it was linked between PHP and MySQL, being that
phpmyadmin is written in PHP and works off MySQL. Does not appear to be the
case however!


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