Nigel Jones wrote:
Problems guys...

Emails don't actually "come" from [EMAIL PROTECTED] they are sent to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and then sent like it was an email from the sender to
x subscriber...

Really you should be suggesting that the subjects be used in the
event/filter things.

Autoresponders DO have their uses (business people, as long as they
aren't using their business account for lists) to ones that are, sign
up for a free hotmail/yahoo/gmail/* webmail account and get php list
stuff sent there instead (there are many people on this list with free
gmail invites if you still need them).  That or ask your network

I don't use autoresponders - If I ever go away, I either:

a, take a laptop and check for urgent stuff.
b, send important clients/colleagues an email saying when I'll be back -
which takes roughly the same time as setting up the autoresponder and has
the added bonus that you don't have to remember to turn off the auto-responder
when you get back ;-)

having said that I'd love a gmail invite - I wanna dig into their madhatter
javascript used in the clientside interface and learn a few tricks. so
if anyone has a spare ...?

admin/postmaster/yourself (if your that lucky) to setup another
account for you


This is getting way off topic. I don't use any autoresponders on my mail
client so I can't give any advice there (but I'm sure google can). I only use
autoresponders on my mailserver. These look at the headers of the incoming
mail to determine whether an autoresponse is appropriate. The autoresponders
will also limit the number of autoresponses so that if eg your friend sends
you 100 mails, they will not be told 100 times that you're having a whale of
a time in Hawaii, it will only frustrate them and foment envy :).

BTW: Jason what server side autoresponder are you using?



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