Thanks Martin...

You were right... I had to make Apache run as sybase (gasp!)
for it to work....

really funky but it works...

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Adams, Jonathan K. [C] wrote:
> Here is the error: "Warning: sybase_connect() [function.sybase-connect]:
> Sybase: Unable to allocate connection record
> My configuration - The database is Sybase ASE 12.0 running on Solaris 8
> The webserver is Apache 1.3.33 with PHP 5 running Solaris 9
> The sybase libraries are shared via NFS, which is how I built the

Well, that error certainly doesn't look like it can't see the libraries 
- it looks more like it can't write somewhere.  Are you sure there is 
sufficient memory for the script [perhaps increase memory_limit in 
php.ini], and that wherever php might need to store the connection 
record externally (if applicable) is writable?

Unfortunately - you may not be alone:

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