Hi. I need to access mysql from windows to *nix on both the default port of 3306 and a secondary port of 3307. php.ini states that win32 will only pay attention to MYSQL_PORT. Is there a way to change the value of that constant without compiling my own version of php on win32. I don't mind having mutiple installs, but don't have access to the compilers for windoze to do it myself. Or are they out there for free somewhere?

I work for a very small company and we're trying to set up multiple environments for devlopment/testing etc with a limited number of physical boxes. Part of our application needs to reside on windows and communicate with *nix.

If this doesn't work, i guess i could use IPTables to NAT when requests come in on certian IPs?

THanks for any assistance/advice you may have.


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