I'm having intermittent problems with odbc_connect().  Here's the


I'm trying to connect to a Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere database
running on Win2K from my web server using Solaris, Apache, PHP, iODBC,
and OpenLink's ODBC universal data access driver for MSSQL/Sybase.
About 75% of the time, my php scripts talk to the Sybase system fine.
However, the other 25% of the time nothing really happens.  IE reports a
"Page cannot be displayed" error, while Firefox acts like it may do
something for a fraction of a second, but then just stays on the
currently loaded page.


I have tracing turned on in iODBC.  When things work fine, a lengthy
trace file is generated and everything seems to be in order.  When
things don't work, all I get is the following:



** iODBC Trace file **

** started on Wed Feb 16, 20:29 **



Application     00000001 ENTER SQLAllocEnv

                SQLHENV         * 2f3158


Application     00000001 EXIT  SQLAllocEnv with return code 0

                SQLHENV         * 2f3158 (30af78)


Application     00000001 ENTER SQLAllocConnect

                SQLHENV           30af78

                SQLHDBC         * 2f315c


Application     00000001 EXIT  SQLAllocConnect with return code 0

                SQLHENV           30af78

                SQLHDBC         * 2f315c (2dbbc8)


Application     00000001 ENTER SQLConnect

                SQLHDBC           2dbbc8

                SQLCHAR         * 30c7e0

                                  | PF32

                SQLSMALLINT       -3 (SQL_NTS)

                SQLCHAR         * 2f5b10

                                  | viewaward

                SQLSMALLINT       -3 (SQL_NTS)

                SQLCHAR         * ff0c4a28

                                  | ****

                SQLSMALLINT       -3 (SQL_NTS)




No connect errors are generated either in the trace file or in the
browser's display.  It's almost as if the process just dies without
saying anything about why it happened.


Any ideas?




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