James wrote:
I'm pretty new to this...I've set this book example up on my PC and it's fine.
I've attempted this on two Macs...

Here's the error I get when I try to run the application. What does the error mean?

UNHANDLED ERROR on line 84 in /Library/WebServer/Documents/wda2-winestore/index.php.
[PHP Error 20050307145950]Error: "Non-static method DB::connect() should not be called statically" (error #2048).
You're calling a classes method statically when it cannot be called as such - the function makes references to $this, or has otherwise been shown to be non-static.

You need to create an instance of the object, then call the method through it.

E.G. instead of:
you have to use:
        $mydb = new DB;

Without the exact code, I can only give you examples of about how it should look - but that's the gist of it.

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