Hi Folks,

I've been using "variable variables" for years with PHP.

$var = "myVarName";
$$var = "Some Val";

echo $myVarName; //outputs "Some Val"

Today I am trying to assign an Associative Array value to a "variable
variable". For some reason it doesn't take. Does anyone know why?



$varName = "myVarName";
$$varName = $var;

echo $$varName['second']; //should output "frank" but doesn't. :-\
echo $var['second']; //should output "frank" works fine.

The reason I want to do this is to speed up access to DATABASE query
results by use of the associative array. Since the results are keyed on
a specific column I'd like to load the very small recordset and then
access each row associatively on that column value. Currently I have to
requery the database every time, which is faster than loop/testing the
whole result set each time. I'd use a hashtable in Java but PHP ain't
Java. If ne1 has a better way I'm game.

Thanks for your help.
<>< Ryan

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