save this to a php file and run it. I a attached file just in case.


This will give you all of the information you will need for you php 

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Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP and PostgreSQL

I am new to PHP. Trying to install it and PostgreSQL 8.0 on Slackware Linux 
10.0.0 . I am getting
the following error out of Apache:
    Fatal Error: Call to undefined function: pg_connect()
After browsing your web site, I found . But am unable 
to proceed because I
am not sure what to do. Specific questions:
  (1) How do I determine what version of PHP I have? Browsed PHP directories, 
but couldn't find it.
  (2) The information I found said I could use a "shared object module" and/or 
(I think) alter php.ini .
I don't think this is hard to fix, but I need to find a blow-by-blow of what to 
do. Can somebody help me?

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