Indeed, the book writing is no bad guess, but with slightly different focus than PHP ancestry. But wondering how long mysql is supported is more or less personal interest.

Thx to both of you for answering and greetings from Germany to China and California, USA

Stefan Reimers


Forest Liu wrote:
Maybe he is writing a book "Leading to Creativity: the road of PHP and
its father"
just joking

my pleasure to read the post from Mr.Lerdorf and best wishes from all Chinese PHP programer.

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 07:41:55 -0800, Rasmus Lerdorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

The actual code for the first MySQL extension was just a search and
replace of "msql"->"mysql" in the original msql extension I wrote before
that.  I found 1995'ish documentation for that the other day:

And that extension was based on the original msql support in PHP version
1 dating back to around March or April of 1995.  You can see that code
in the PHP 1.0.8 tarball located at
Unfortunately I didn't use CVS in the early days so we don't have
revision history going back that far.

But I am curious, why do you want to know?


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