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> > > On a side note, who's sick of seeing the word optimizing misspelled 
> > > the title? :)
> >
> > > Ah, the things we do to keep a thread clean.
>> Well, of course, _optimise_ is the British spelling of _optimize_ .
>> Afterall, this __is__ an international list ;->
>> David

> My apologies to all, 'dict' tricked me - it has 'optimize', 'optimise', 
> 'optimizing', but not 'optimising' - and I foolishly only checked the 
> -ing conjugated tense instead of the root! (I do try a cursory check 
> before posting such nonesense, honest!)

> Now back to your regularly scheduled international discussion...


No apologies necessary from my perspective. You are a very active member 
of these php lists, and you have helped a great many php users the world 
over. I'm afraid some cross cultural sensitization kicked in on my end 
from many years working in human services.


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