When retrieving ODBC results from Sybase SQL Anywhere 6 and 9 from a
CALLed procedure, the output to the browser is being arbitrarily

$DataSourceUserID = "user";
$DataSourcePassword = "pass";
$DataSourceName = "source";

$ODBCConnect =
$CallSQL = "CALL mladselmeans( '', 0, 9999, 0, 99999999, 0, 99999999,
'mladsite', 1 )";
$CallTest = odbc_exec( $ODBCConnect, $CallSQL );

The resulting output does contain proper data, but as I said, it
simply gets chopped off at a seemingly random point (I have had it
chop anywhere from 1500-25000 characters off).  The amount of
truncation seems to vary depending on the results of the CALL, and
when the results are the same, the truncation is the same.  Perhaps
the strangest thing is that I know for a fact that all of the data is
being returned by Sybase... If I use output buffering and send the
contents of the buffer to a file before the end of the script, all of
the data makes it into the file, but still not to the browser. 
Trying to free the odbc resource or close the connection results in
no output at all.

ANY thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.

Anthony Robins
Using PHP 4.3.4 on Windows 2000 Server. 

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