Anthony Robins wrote:
I have checked my logfiles, and everything seems to be running
smoothly and error free.  The truncation occurs wether I use the
odbc_result_all function or something like:

WHILE( odbc_fetch_row( $CallTest ) ):
        FOR( $ii = 1; $ii <= odbc_num_fields( $CallTest ); ++$ii ):
                PRINT (odbc_field_name( $CallTest, $ii ) ." = ". odbc_result(
$CallTest, odbc_field_name( $CallTest, $ii ) ) . "<br>");
        PRINT ("<br><br>");

So it is not a problem with odbc_result_all. I have compared the
source of the resulting page with the output buffering generated file
and it is definitely truncating, no <-- or <span display="none"> or
anything similar... In one case, the browser page source was 12,196
characters in length compared to 37,127 characters in the output
buffer file.

As you said, there are some 'hackish' things that I have tried such
as tacking on several thousand characters of whitespace to the end of
the output, which still truncates, but ends up truncating in the
middle of the whitespace...  I refuse to resort to something like

(silly question) a flush() does nothing? You could also try turning on output buffering, and then just ob_flush()'ing when done (and turn it back off). mentions some caveats (specifically - some that may apply to you - w32 servers, and mod_gzip). The fact that adding whitespace 'helps' really screams it's a buffering problem IMO. mentions truncation, but it's talking about TEXT/BLOB and the likes, since you *can* get the full results, I doubt this is meaningful.

- Martin Norland, Sys Admin / Database / Web Developer, International Outreach x3257
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