Check that there is no output generated before your script hits the Header() function calls. The most common mistake I've noticed is that if you require() or include() many files before you call Header(), and if there is any content outside of the "<?php ?>" tags in the includ()'ed or require()'d files (eg. a carraige return at the end, or a space after the "?>".

Check for that and that should fix your problem.

Craig Hoffman wrote:
Hey Folks,
I have a script that times out the session if there is no activity in a certain amount of time. If there is no activity the HEADER() redirects to the logout page and kills the session. Everything works fine on our test server, but when I test the script on the production server, I get an error "HEADERS ALREADY SENT..." after no activity. I know all this stuff needs to be on top, before any XHTML.

The test server has reg globals = OFF and the production server has them set to ON. I can't change the any PHP.INI settings on the production server. Both servers are running PHP 4.3.10. Other than that PHP installation is close to identical. Any ideas / thoughts on what's causing the production server to send this error out? Something to steer me in the right direction... I'm attaching a code snippet to look at:

           if (mysql_num_rows($result) > 0) {
            $_SESSION["valid_user"] = $email;
            elseif ($t_timestamp < $c_timestamp) {
                        HEADER("Location: logout.php");
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